What a great first week of fencing for the children at Community Park Elementary and for the first time at Littlebrook Elementary.

I do have homework, though it’s the easiest homework in the universe. I would like the kids to watch some sport fencing videos. Since fencing is not a widely televised sport my favorite place to watch is on YouTube. My favorite channel is called Fencing Vision (YouTube link). I fully respect that you apply your own rules and conditions to having your children consume online content. All in all fencing is pretty wholesome, not much in the way of surprise ads or anything else. I do encourage you to watch different videos from each of the disciplines (Foil Epee and Saber with both women and men) but if you were to watch just one, the 2016 Gold Medal match between Team USA and Team France (link) is quite good.

I hope that we can transition to using the “real” foils for class soon. I have impressed on the children to have good blade discipline (not whacking each other the moment swords are handed out). I hope you can reinforce that attitude with your children so we can have a safe and productive class. I understand that this is elementary school and these are swords and the impulses to whack each other is seemingly irresistible.  Your children are all fantastic and I have complete faith that they will compose themselves quickly. Having a little parental backup just gives me a boost getting there.

If you have further questions, or want to know more about opportunities to continue studying this amazing sport after the class is over, feel free to email me. If there are siblings or others that were not able to register for the PTO classes I will be offering another introductory class on Saturdays, starting May 1.

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