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This week’s class will continue to build on skills to develop options to execute the simple direct attack.

Warmups will revisit the boxing hops drill to get the body moving and facilitate balance and coordination:

Boxing hops: 6 count traveling warmup

  1. Snap both arms forward and back to chest and hop forward with both feet on the ground
  2. Snap right arm forward and back and hop forward with right knee high
  3. Snap right arm to the side and back with hop forward with right knee lifted high and to the right (outside)
  4. Repeat of # both arms and feet together
  5. Snap left arm forward and back and hop forward with left knee high
  6. Snap left arm to the side and back with hop forward with left knee lifted high and to the left (outside)

Exercise is completed down the strip and then backwards back to the back line of the strip.

A-B-C-D Footwork Game:

Reintroducing the progressive sequence:

The Progressive exercise is a canned footwork exercise that takes the fencer forwards and back with constant changes in direction. Each sequence is 4 pieces of footwork with a lunge and recovery in the middle. Each full set is one lap:

  1. 3 adv, Lunge and Recover (L/R), 1 ret
  2. 2 adv, L/R, 2 ret
  3. 1 adv, L/R, 3 ret (should be back at starting point)
  4. 3 ret, L/R, 1 adv
  5. 2 ret, L/R, 2 adv
  6. 1 ret, L/R, 3 adv (should be back at starting point)

This week we will be incorporating the check step forward and back into the sequence. If the footwork is considered 1,2,3,4 then we shall execute Normal short short Normal, so the sequence will look like this:

  1. Adv, check, check, L/R, ret
  2. Adv, check, L/R, check (back), ret
  3. Adv, L/R, check, check, ret

And so on….

Pursuit Game:

Described the check step to move forward and back. The check step is a short, fast half-step where the trailing leg drives the body similar to a short hop or stutter step. This is used to make minute changes in distance and to change timing without giving up forward motion. The check step can also be used to pre-load the leg muscles for a powerful lunge (check-step lunge).


The class practiced integrating the check-step into the attack with a lunge. First as a rote drill then as a semi-competitive drill where the attacking fencer can manipulate the timing with a direct attack in 1-2-3 scenarios (1: check step lunge, 2: adv check step lunge, 3: adv x 2 check step lunge) with the defender maintaining distance and attempting to read the acceleration to parry-riposte (P/R) in distance.

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